There are lots of tips on how to cure acne problem. First of all is to wash, tone and moisturize your skin. Double cleansing is strongly encouraged to make sure your skin is free from dirt.As simple as the development of zits may sound, it does not mean that killing the bacteria and unblocking the pores will actually get your a clear and flawless skin for good. More often than not, acne will still popping up from time to time.Whatever the appearance of the breakout, the same basic rule applies- don’t pick. The oil and bacteria that you can spread with your fingers will only irate a pimple further. Breaking your skin, as most people do when they pop a pimple, will cause a bright scab, scar, or even a bruise. If you need to extract puss from the pimple use a clean tool after steaming your pores open. Spot treatments work wonders for these pimples. I use Clearasil acne cream face. Clearasil is made for unruly teenage skin but large infected pimples qualify as a teenage-type breakout. If you have an infected pimple, Neosporin or other anti-biotic ointments will minimize the infection, dry out the puss and reduce the size of the pimple.The downside to benzoyl peroxide is the method used to kill bacteria. It eliminates the p. acnes bacterium by infusing the skin with oxygen. The problem here, is that process is called “oxidation”, which is the induction of free radicals into the body (the phenomenon that antioxidants are famous for protecting against). Long term benzoyl peroxide use may cause skin damage, and permanent premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

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